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Muskox Wool And Yarn

Muskox wool is also known as 'Qiviut', this unique yarn has only recently made it to UK shores, and we're proud to say that Yarnfest is one of the first retailers to stock this very special, very sought after, variety of yarn. See more.

The popularity of Muskox yarn is easy to understand, for one thing it's incredibly rare, and it's also packed full of beneficial properties that leave sheep's and goat's wool left standing! One of these properties is that Muskox wool is an incredible eight times warmer than sheep's wool. Quite a claim you may think, but not when you consider that the Muskox has spent thousands of years adapting to the cold harsh conditions of Arctic Canadian and Greenland regions.

Today only a small population of Muskox have been domesticated and used for their wool. It's for this reason that Muskox yarn is so rare, and getting your hands on some isn't easy, but that's where we come in. Through negotiations with 'Arctic Qiviut' we were able to bring this product to the UK market, one of the very first British retailers to do so. Unfortunately due to the scarcity of these prized yarns we're only able to offer these exclusively to our online customers!

As well as being super-warm, Muskox wool is lightweight and incredibly soft. Unlike some other knitting fibres, Muskox yarn becomes softer and warmer through a process known as blooming. This happens as the fibre is handled and washed over time. If you choose a 100% Qiviut blended skein then you'll find that the yarn will not shrink in the wash, and in addition to this can be worn by individuals who would otherwise find sheep's wool garments allergic. All in all we think that like us, you'll love this impressive yarn.

Please feel free to browse the selection of special Muskox yarn available here at Yarnfest, and watch this space as Muskox wool continues to grow in popularity not only here in the UK but around the world.

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